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Selected works from artist on tumblr Monika Traikov.

I work with a lot of my photos from traveling, and old photos from my mothers old family albums. I am interested in creating surreal and fantastical views of these seemingly ordinary moments. I am very much interested in how we remember moments, how our mind often glosses over, or warps our memories in a beautiful way. Often, feelings, colours and emotions are remembered more than the tangible. I used my personal experiences with memories to deconstruct my photographs, and create a new, idealized, and illusionary moments.

Right now I am currently in Laos, 8 months into a seemingly never-ending travel journey through India and Southeast Asia. I am just photographing as much as I can, and working with my photos to create some images for CD covers and posters. I am inspired by the unknown, by travel, spontaneity and spirituality. 

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